Providing In-Office Sedation Services for Dental Practitioners in Chicago and the North Shore suburbs including Cook County and Lake County in Illinois.

Sedation in the dental office can make all dental and oral surgical procedures more pleasant and safer for the apprehensive patient. Patient anxiety can be controlled by administration of sedative medications that not only provide relaxation but also limited memory of the procedure performed. Intravenous sedation also allows the introduction of I.V. medications such as narcotics, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Moderate Intravenous Sedation provides patients with a more comfortable, less stressful dental experience. And while some practitioners may already provide this modality, many often elect not to sedate in order to avoid concurrent responsibilities as a seditionist and operator.

In Office Dental Sedation Chicago


for Dental and Oral Surgical Procedures

  • Sedation Modalities Include: Monitored Intravenous and Oral Sedation
  • Services Include: Pre-Operative, Intra-Operative and Post-Operative Care in the Office Setting
  • Services Provided in your office.

Moderate Sedation is a level of sedation whereby the patient is easily aroused, breathes without assistance and responds to verbal direction.

Intravenous Sedation has a rapid effect. A precise amount of medication can be given and adjusted during the procedure so that the level of sedation is proper for that patient and for that particular dental or surgical procedure.

Oral Sedation is another method that can be provided but has limitations as to the amount that can be given, the time to work and to the level of sedation.

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