Dr. Arnold Gorchow provides a turn-key, outsourced dental sedation service that allows you, the practitioner, to focus 100% on the procedure at hand.

We serve dental practitioners in Chicago and the North Shore suburbs including Cook County and Lake County in Illinois.

Our mission is to provide the best in-office dental sedation services possible through a professional outsourced approach that maximizes the benefits to the patient and treating dental practitioner.

Call Dr. Gorchow to schedule a meeting in your office to discuss patient care in your office setting. Your dental operatory space needs to have available space for monitors and equipment. If your office staff needs training for sedation assisted treatment care, that can be arranged.

The office staff should fill out the referral form on this website or call my number (847-408-9322). Once the form is received, a consultation will be scheduled for your patient. Usually, this can be done by telephone. However, in some cases it may be necessary to schedule this patient in your office in order to access the patient. The patient will be informed as to the process of sedation and the patient’s medical history will be reviewed. Pre-sedation instructions will be discussed with the patient and written instructions will be provided. The fee for the sedation procedure will be discussed with the patient.

The professional fee for outsourced in-office dental sedation services is surprisingly affordable. Please call 847-408-9322 for more information.

If you would like to learn more about in-office dental sedation or have questions regarding in office IV Dental Sedation, contact us at (847) 408-9322 or fill out the short form below to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.